Glurge Gallery

What is glurge? Think of it as chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in: It’s supposed to be a method of delivering a remedy for what ails you by adding sweetening to make the cure more appealing, but the result is more often a sickly-sweet concoction that induces hyperglycemic fits. In ordinary language, glurge is the sending of inspirational (and supposedly “true”) tales, ones that often conceal much darker meanings than the uplifting moral lessons they purport to offer or undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact in the guise of offering a “true story.” Many of us, it seems, cannot overcome the urge to glurge.

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Just Stay "The next time someone needs you ... just be there."
Just Stay
Black labrador puppy.
Reggie, the Adopted Lab The heart-tugging tale of an adopted dog whose former owner turned out to be a...
Reggie, the Adopted Lab
Colonel Harland Sanders
The Life of Colonel Sanders Supposedly flat broke and suicidal at 65, KFC's Colonel Sanders parlayed his Kentucky-fried chicken recipe...
The Life of Colonel Sanders