Urban legends are primarily expressions of our fears, and one of the things we fear the most is being embarrassed. And, as this collection of legends demonstrates, we can be embarrassed in a bountiful variety of ways.

The Fart in the Dark A young lady on a date breaks wind in private, only to find out it...
The Fart in the Dark
Keep Your Fork Visiting Royal being feted is told 'Keep your fork; there'll be pie.'
Keep Your Fork
Still the Queen A ruse used to mask a forgotten name backfires in an embarrassing manner.
Still the Queen
Brad & Elizabeth E-mail Fellow exacts revenge on cheating girlfriend by broadcasting her apologetic e-mail and his reply to...
Brad & Elizabeth E-mail
Checkout Scam When a strange woman asked a shopper to call her 'mother,' he never thought he'd...
Checkout Scam
The Blind Man Woman embarrassingly discovers that 'blind man' has more than one meaning.
The Blind Man
Bare Rump Skier Bare-assed lady skier causes consternation on a ski resort's slopes.
Bare Rump Skier