Urban legends are primarily expressions of our fears, and one of the things we fear the most is being embarrassed. And, as this collection of legends demonstrates, we can be embarrassed in a bountiful variety of ways.

Fake Phone Embarrassment Businessman trying to impress others is embarrassingly caught talking into a fake phone.
Fake Phone Embarrassment
Groom Test 'Dear Abby' letter details an unusual posed to a young man by his fiancée's parents.
Groom Test
What She Left Behind Woman accidentally leaves a bag of waste in her lover's apartment?
What She Left Behind
Toilet Explosion Wife throws flammable substance into toilet; unsuspecting husband lights a cigarette and blows up.
Toilet Explosion
Snubbed Celebrity Man asks celebrity to pretend he knows him so that he can impress the people...
Snubbed Celebrity
Kneel! Tourists mistake one member of the House of Lords' greeting to another as command to...
Back to Bed Summons Irritating cell phone user summoned back to bed during call to wife?
Back to Bed Summons
The Bad Bachelorette White newlywed gives birth to black child nine months after her wild bachelorette party.
The Bad Bachelorette
Fired Worker Boss fires indolent office boy, only to discover the lad doesn't work for him
Fired Worker
The Outlaw Inlaw Videotape of wedding reveals that the groom's father stole the bride's father's wallet.
The Outlaw Inlaw
Not My Teeth Husband loses false teeth after prankingly swapping them with his wife's.
Not My Teeth