For many of us the college experience is our first encounter with urban legends. Young men and women living away from home for the first time are particularly susceptible to legends that play on the unease and fear of life in a strange, new environment among unfamiliar surroundings. College life (especially in fraternities) is filled with legendary tales of pranks and debauchery — some true, some not. Students often have to deal with university administrators and their bewildering array of rules and regulations, and with instructors to whom they may be nothing more than names on a roll sheet — all of them at times frustratingly arbitrary and uncaring. And, of course, students are always trying to come up with new ways of cheating and outsmarting their instructors (and sometimes vice-versa).

Cent to College How an enterprising college student financed his education by soliciting one-cent donations.
Cent to College
College Rejection Letter Rumor: Applicant turned down for a college position sends the school a letter declining the...
College Rejection Letter
Billy Goats Bluff College prank: Students let loose a herd of livestock with an apparently missing member.
Billy Goats Bluff