More than a century after the creation of Coca-Cola, we’re still as much in love with this most famous of soft drinks as our great-grandparents were. Hold up a Coke, and you proclaim all that’s best about the American way of life: Coca-Cola is first dates and shy kisses, a platoon of war-weary GIs getting letters from home, and an old, rusted sign creaking in the wind outside the hometown diner. Coca-Cola is also one of the most successful companies the world has ever known; nothing can be that big and popular, so much a part of everyday life, without having legends spring up around it. Coca-Cola’s uniquely influential position in our culture has led to a special set of legends we call ‘Cokelore’; a collection of Coke trivia and tall tales sure to refresh even the most informationally-parched reader.

Ham in Diet Coke Explodes? Rumor: Substituting Diet Coke for regular Coca-Cola in a popular ham recipe can cause an...
Ham in Diet Coke Explodes?