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Does This Cat Look Like Marvel's 'Punisher' Character?

Either version of Frank Castle -- human or feline -- is still one of our favorite Marvel characters.

Published Jun 9, 2019

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 14: Jon Bernthal attends "Marvel's The Punisher" Seasons 2 Premiere at ArcLight Hollywood on January 14, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix) (Getty Images)
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A photograph shows a black-and-white cat with skull-like markings on its chest fur.

On 31 May 2019, the Historical Pictures website posted a photograph of a cat said to be named Frank, whose coloration made him look decidedly like one evil domesticated feline:

The saga of Frank the cat originated on reddit, where a user posted to say that ten years earlier, his mother had asked him to choose a name for her black-and-white cat. The redditor said he complied by dubbing the kitty "Frank Castle," the name of a Marvel Comics character better known as the Punisher. When Netflix's Punisher series debuted in 2017, the user's posting a trailer for the Netflix show on Facebook supposedly clued his mother in to the origins of her cat's name, much to her chagrin:

While we can't verify that whole backstory, what we can verify is that when the reddit user was entreated to post a picture of Frank, he responded with a photograph of a feline that lacked the distinctive skull-like Punisher markings on its chest fur:

It was in fact another redditor who applied some digital image editing skills to transform a picture of sweet, innocent-looking Frankie the cat into the Marvel-like Frank CATstle:

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