Does This Photograph Show a Car with a Message Supporting ‘Public Executions’ of Trump Critics?

Photographs of the unidentified vehicle were posted online shortly after a suspect was arrested for allegedly targeting officials with mail bombs.


An automobile in Florida was spotted bearing a statement expressing support for 'public executions' of Trump critics.



On 28 October 2018, social media users shared a photograph of an unidentified motorist apparently using their car’s back window to support the suspect believed to be behind the sending of a series of homemade explosives targeting Democratic officials and others.

The photograph shows a Mitsubishi Mirage with a note on its back window in all capital letters reading “Hey bomber, I get the who and why but I’d rather see them publicly executed.” A self-described “social media based news and PR firm,” Really American, posted the picture of the car on their Facebook page:

A second photograph of the automobile, showing its Florida license plates, was also shared via Twitter:

The statement on the window was an apparent reference to the 56-year-old Florida man who was arrested two days before these pictures were published on suspicion of being responsible for sending explosive devices to critics of President Donald Trump, including CNN, former President Barack Obama, and billionaire George Soros.

While the existence of the car has been confirmed, the identity or motive of whoever wrote the statement on the window has not been revealed. We contacted Really American seeking more information, but the group has yet to respond.

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