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Cancer Baby Facebook Hoax

Long-running hoax falsely claims Facebook will donate money to help a child with cancer every time an appeal for help is liked or shared.

Published Jan 9, 2012

Facebook will donate money to help a child with cancer every time an appeal for help is liked or shared.

This appeal to help a child with cancer is merely yet another reiteration of a long-running class of hoax (often built around like farming), one which lures the gullible into spreading such messages by promising that some entity (such as Facebook) will donate money towards the medical treatment of a child with cancer (or some other disease) every time the message is forwarded, posted, liked, or shared. Multiple charities and companies have been unfairly dragged into such hoaxes over the years by being named in messages like these, causing them to have to spend considerable time and effort disclaiming them.

The child whose photograph was appropriated for this hoax is not displaying visible symptoms of cancer.
He's identified on multiple other online sites as a boy experiencing a reaction to the MMR vaccine and/or a case of rubella.

Others versions of this hoax positing that Facebook will donate money every time such an item is liked or shared have circulated using a variety of different (unrelated) pictures:

this child's got a cancer. facebook is ready to pay 3 cent for every share. we don't know is it true or not, but let's everybody share. maybe it's true and then...

>SHARE< for this baby PLEASE SHARE, THANKS! By: 999,999,999 people

She's suffering form cancer! Facebook has promised
to give $1.20 Dollars on each share! Please, share and make it. On the
account of: Imran Khan

He is terribly sick :(
What if this was your baby? Would you care at all?
Facebook will donate $1 for every share

This child has lost his 4 limbs in a school bus accident.
Facebook will pay 1$ for every share..... "


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David Mikkelson founded the site now known as snopes.com back in 1994.