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Does This Video Show a Crazily Busy Intersection?

Perhaps bunches of vacationers other than Death are what's causing the near-problem here.

Published Nov 25, 2018

Image Via Facebook
A video shows a busy intersection with numerous pedestrians and cyclists safely weaving through a stream of vehicular traffic.

A video shared via Facebook purports to document a scenario "When Death Is on Vacations" [sic], showing a busy intersection in which numerous pedestrians and cyclists weave through a constant stream of vehicular traffic with nary a collision or injury:

We don't need to spend much time debunking this video, as it bears numerous instances of a common hallmark of digitally manipulated images: clusters and patterns of the very same visual elements pasted repeatedly into the finished product.

This screenshot, for example, shows the same pair of cars appearing three times at the top of the frame, and the very same car crossing the intersection diagonally from bottom right to top left four times in a row:

Likewise, the following screenshot shows the same car four times in a row at the top of the frame, and the same pinkish-colored car crossing the intersection diagonally from top right to bottom left four times in a row:

It appears that digital artistry, not Death, took a vacation on this day.

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