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'When You Need to Get Her Drunk'

An image showing a "vintage" Budweiser beer ad bearing the tagline "when you need to get her drunk" is just a Photoshop contest entry.

Published Jul 26, 2016

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An image shows a vintage Budweiser beer ad bearing the tagline "when you need to get her drunk."

A photograph purportedly showing a vintage Budweiser beer print advertisement bearing the slogan "when you need to get her drunk" has been shared online since at least 2012:

budweiser ad

Despite the Cracked watermark at the bottom of the image, the picture is still frequently shared as a photograph of an authentic Budweiser ad from years past. However, the graphic was actually created for a Cracked digital manipulation contest titled "Ill-Advised First Drafts of Great Ad Campaigns," in which entrants were challenged to come up with fictional representations of "rejected ideas that led to great ads":

We all love to make fun of ad campaigns. After all, "Just do it" could also be a phrase that means that you should have sex with someone, and that is objectively hilarious. But it takes a great deal of thought and rejected ideas to arrive at the campaigns we see on TV. We asked you to show us some of the rejected ideas that led to great ads using the magic of image manipulation.

The underlying image for this entry was taken from a real Budweiser advertisement created in 1957 as part of the brewer's long-running "where there's life ... there's Bud” campaign:

where there's life

Some language and attitudes expressed in decades-past advertising campaigns can be jarring to modern sensibilities, but this particular ad never actually existed.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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