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Did a Bong Explosion Disfigure This Woman?

"People came up to me all night telling me that my face made them want to throw up ..."

Published Oct 21, 2014

A photograph shows a young woman who was disfigured when her bong exploded.

A gruesome photograph purportedly showing a young woman's disfigured face in the aftermath of a bong explosion started circulating via social media sites in October 2014. The image was originally posted in that context to the satirical "Christians for Michele Bachmann" page (no longer available on Facebook) on 15 October 2014.

The picture, while real, does not show the aftermath of a bong explosion, nor does it depict a near-fatal wound. The disturbing burn marks were created by makeup artist and Imgur user Scarlett Starlet:

Went to a zombie-themed pub crawl last weekend and this was my makeup. Done with half a bald cap, cotton balls, and latex. People came up to me all night telling me that my face made them want to throw up, which was totally awesome.

The 20-year-old makeup artist's Tumblr page (no longer available) was full of her ghastly creations, including another look at the makeup that inspired this rumor:

The "Christians for Michele Bachmann" Facebook page was not associated with the politician; it was a satirical group that frequently posted fake stories and images to poke fun of Bachmann and her fan base.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.