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Blockbuster Coupon

On-line coupon can be redeemed for free movie rental, popcorn, and sodas at Blockbuster outlets?

Published Apr 23, 2013

Claim:   On-line coupon can be redeemed for free movie rentals, popcorn, and sodas at Blockbuster outlets.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, July 2007]

For those Summer Blockbuster nights!

Attached is a free coupon for 2 movie rentals, popcorn, and (2) 20-oz Cokes.
Please print the coupon and pass this on to others.
For those of you who are thinking about using it more than once.....don't even think about it!!
The catch to the coupon is this: You can only use it ONCE and it is noted on your Blockbuster account.

Origins:   The

rapid and widespread distribution of images made possible by the Internet has often posed something of a problem for companies that issue coupons for their products and services. Printed coupons meant for limited distribution have been scanned and disseminated widely via e-mail, phony coupons have been created with digital editing programs and dispersed via the Internet, and on-line coupons targeted for selected consumers have been widely forwarded outside their target groups.

The coupon for Blockbuster movie rentals shown above is a "real but not valid" coupon that sort of fits into the first category. It apparently originated as a genuine rewards coupon e-mailed as part of a Blockbuster promotion, but its use is supposed to be tied to the redeemer's having earned it through participation in a specific affiliate program. Thus, the many, many consumers (other than the original intended recipients) who have been forwarded a copy of the same coupon by others and tried to redeem it at Blockbuster outlets have been informed (by store personnel and/or in-store signage) that the coupon is not legitimate and will not be accepted.

Last updated:   6 August 2007


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