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No, a Photo Doesn't Show Biden's Feet Missing

A photograph posted by the White House sparked some rather intense speculation.

Published Nov 18, 2021

 (Screenshot, White House Instagram page)
Image Via Screenshot, White House Instagram page
A photograph of U.S. President Joe Biden on the lawn of the White House is fake or manipulated, as evidenced by his "missing feet."

A photograph of U.S. President Joe Biden posted to social media had some wondering why his feet couldn't be seen in the image. The picture, posted to the White House Instagram account showed Biden walking on the White House lawn, in what appeared to be ankle-deep grass.

The photo was posted in the r/conspiracy group on the social platform Reddit, along with text that read, "What happened to Biden's feet?" Some who commented on the picture stated that they didn't believe it to be real. "My god everything really is fake about this administration," one person wrote, for example.

But the fact that you can't see Biden's feet in the photo isn't evidence that the photo is fake. Instead, it appears to simply be a matter of the grass being long. And the White House lawn's long grass hardly seems unique to Biden's presidency.

A photograph of former President Donald Trump on the lawn shows that the grass was equally ankle-deep during his presidency. A picture of Trump's predecessor, former President Barack Obama, shows Obama and then-British Prime Minister David Cameron standing on the lawn, again in grass long enough to cover most of their shoes.


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