Beyoncé Knowles Death Hoax

Reports that singer Beyoncé Knowles was killed in a car crash are a hoax.


Singer Beyoncé Knowles was killed in a car crash.



Example:   [Collected via Twitter, February 2015]

On 23 February 2015, a rumor started circulating via Twitter that singer Beyoncé Knowles had been killed in a car crash.

Unlike most celebrity death hoaxes, the rumor about Beyoncé was not tied to the publication of a fake news article. Instead, it appears that boredom and a few Internet trolls were responsible for this rumor’s spread:

The Twitter account @CNNNewsFacts (which has no affiliation with CNN) then attached the #RIPBeyonce hashtag to a photograph in an effort to perpetuate the rumor that Beyoncé had passed away:

The above-displayed photo does not depict a car crash involving Beyoncé, although it does capture a celebrity fatal crash site: The image was widely circulated via Twitter shortly after the death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker in 2013.

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