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Conceal the Bern

Published Sept. 18, 2015


FACT CHECK:   Did Bernie Sanders save a dog from a burning building in a rescue ignored by the media?

Claim:   Bernie Sanders saved a dog from a burning building in a rescue ignored by the media.


Example:     [Collected via Twitter, September 2015]

Origins:    On 18 September 2015 the humor site The Good Lord Above published an article reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had saved three children and a dog from a house fire, but the U.S. news media had curiously ignored the story:

Bernie Sanders is recovering Friday after saving 3 children and a dog from a house that was on fire.

Local fire officials say the 74-year-old Bernie Sanders, a democratic candidate for president, was on a campaign march through town when he noticed smoke coming from a house down the block.

Once he was sure the kids were safe, officials say Sanders entered the burning home again to rescue the family dog.

Despite the incredibly heroic actions of Bernie Sanders, the news media has completely ignored this story because it would go against the wishes of their corporate masters.

Details in the article hinted at The Good Lord Above's satirical intent: the fire's cause was attributed to a child attempting to cook because both parents were working, and a home insurance policy purportedly wouldn't compensate the family because they were "too poor." (Two strong positions held by Sanders are support for workers' rights and broad condemnation of corporate abuses.) Moreover, the reason provided for the story's absence from the news was the objection of "corporate masters" whom readers are meant to infer stand in opposition of Sanders' candidacy.

Unlike most "fake news" sites, The Good Lord Above's scope largely spans obviously satirical content supposedly written from God's perspective. Prior articles include "After 2000 Years of Silence, God Launches New Website," "GOD: I'm finally off drugs and it feels good," and "Trump Calls Jesus 'A Loser.'"

While the web site does not include a readily available disclaimer, the site's Facebook page makes it clear that all articles published on The Good Lord Above are humorous in nature:

God made the world. Then he flooded it. Then God went to sleep for about 2000 years. Anyway, eventually God woke up and felt pretty bad for what he'd done in the past. In 2011, after years of therapy, God started this Holy and Divine God Facebook Page to restore his good name.

Last updated:      18 September 2015

Originally published:    18 September 2015

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.