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Is 'Batbot 6000' a Real Baseball-Hitting Robot?

Visual artist Tom Coben has created several realistic-looking robots.

Published Nov 30, 2020

Image Via Instagram
A video shows a "Batbot 6000" hitting baseballs in a batting cage.

In November 2020, a video purportedly showing a robot hitting a series of baseballs in a batting cage made the rounds on social media.

But this robot isn't real. It's a digital creation by Tom Coben, a VFX artist who also created the "Bowlbot 5000," a realistic looking (but entirely digital) bowling robot.

Coben posted a video of his "Batbot 6000" to Instagram in July 2019. That posting was accompanied by several hashtags that identified it as a digital creation, such as #3drendering, #animation, and #CGI.

Coben also shared this behind-the-scenes look:

This isn't the first time Coben's digital creations have fooled social media users. In addition to the "Bowlbot 5000" mentioned above, he created a computer-generated football kicking machine, the "Footbot 7000," which can be viewed below:

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.