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Did Barry Manilow Write 'Like a Good Neighbor' State Farm Jingle?

Published Jan. 9, 2023

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Barry Manilow wrote the melody for the State Farm commercial jingle, "Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There."

Barry Manilow is famous for Top 40 hits like "Mandy" and "Could It Be Magic" and a career that spans decades.

He is also responsible for a prodigious number of well-known commercial jingles, including State Farm's "Like A Good Neighbor." Manilow said in an interview that he was in the jingle-writing business for "three or four years." As described by the Saturday Morning Post, this brief career was prolific:

His first paid tune was with Dodge. Then, Manilow wrote "Like a Good Neighbor" for State Farm and "Stuck on Band-Aid" for Band-Aid. He also sang in "Give Your Face Something to Smile About" for Stridex and "Finger-Lickin' Good Day" for KFC. His big break, according to an interview with Chicago's ABC 7, was the dramatic showstopper "You Deserve a Break Today" Manilow sang for McDonald's.

Manilow discussed his creation of the State Farm jingle when he was honored in 2009 by an advertising industry trade group. Because he has discussed his role in creating that jingle and because he has been honored for his work in the jingle-writing industry, the claim is "True."



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