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Assorted Wedding Superstitions

A compendium of lesser-known wedding superstitions.

Published May 24, 2000

  • Sisters should never marry on the same day, or even during the same year, lest this action condemn them both to unhappy marriages.
  • A woman must not be married in the same church she was christened in.
  • Brides must not read the whole of the wedding ceremony before getting hitched, lest the wedding not come about.
  • The prudent bride will feed the cat before leaving for the church. Such an act will ensure her happiness.
  • Speaking of cats, the sneeze from one on the wedding day is said to foretell a happy marriage.
  • Bridal tears during the ceremony are considered lucky, but tears at any other moment during the wedding day are said to foreshadow a marriage full of them.
  • It's unlucky to have a widow at the wedding ceremony.

  • If the solemnity of the service is momentarily interrupted by the sound of a crying child, this should be taken as a happy sign.

Barbara "cry baby" Mikkelson

Last updated:   27 June 2005


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