Article 54 of Obamacare stipulates 30 percent of seniors' social security payments will be "diverted" to pay for insurance for undocumented immigrants as of 1 May 2018.



On 14 April 2018, a Facebook page “America – Love It Or Leave It” shared a meme proclaiming that Article 54 of Obamacare would soon be diverting 30 percent of seniors’ social security payments to pay for insurance for undocumented immigrants:

article 54 obamacare

However, the full text of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not include an Article 54, nor does it include any provision for using 30% of seniors’ Social Security payments to cover the funding of insurance of undocumented immigrants.

Moreover, this claim originated solely with “The “America – Love It Or Leave It” Facebook page, which is part of a network of fake news sites and Facebook pages that engage in political trolling under the guise of providing “satire.”

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