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Is Disney Partnering with Apple To Launch Headset with 'Virtual Disney World'?

While the partnership is real, a virtual Walt Disney World is less certain.

Published Jun 6, 2023

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Image Via Justin Sullivan/Staff, Getty Images
Disney and Apple are partnering to launch a headset that will include a virtual Disney World.

Disney and Apple are partnering to include Disney content in the Apple Vision Pro. While images related to Disney World were teased in a promotional video for the partnership, no further details were given about whether or how the park would be included in the Apple Vision Pro, or whether people would be eventually able to experience the full park virtually using the headset.

On June 5, 2023, claims began to spread on social media platforms that Disney was partnering with Apple to launch a headset that would include a "virtual Walt Disney World." The claims spread the same day Apple announced Apple Vision Pro, its mixed-reality headset set to launch in 2024, during the company's Annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

We found posts spreading the claim on social media platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. WDWMAGIC, an unofficial Disney World fan site, also published an article that mentioned the claim in its headline:

Disney is partnering with Apple to launch Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset, including a virtual Walt Disney World 

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger joined Apple's Tim Cook today as part of the launch of the new Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset.

Speaking today, Iger said, "We believe that Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that can make our vision a reality." Disney showed off examples of how the Apple Vision Pro will enable Disney's stories and content to come to life "in ways that were previously impossible."

Clips demonstrated included movies, TV shows, and even elements of a virtual Walt Disney World. Iger said that after trying Apple Vision Pro, the thing that struck him most was how it would allow Disney to create, "Deeply personal experiences, that will bring fans closer to the characters they love, and more deeply immersed in Disney stories."

We found a clip of Iger's appearance at the WWDC in a video uploaded to CNBC's YouTube channel. In the video, he did announce that Disney and Apple would partner to include Disney content in the Apple Vision Pro, as well as that Disney+ would be available to watch when the headset launched.

A promotional video for the partnership was also shown during Iger's appearance at the WWDC that specifically mentioned Disney World.

During the video, a person drew a curvy line with their finger on what appeared to be a kitchen counter. A train that said "Main Street Electrical Parade" appeared from the line, using it as a route to drive into a castle that also appeared. While the footage appeared, the video said,  "What if you could bring Disney World into your world?" 

While what appeared to be a virtual representation of Disney World was teased in the promotional video, no further details were given about whether or how it would be included in the Apple Vision Pro, or whether people would be eventually able to experience the full park using the headset. It was also not mentioned whether what was shown in the video would eventually be part of the headset.

In terms of the likelihood of what would be available from Disney on the Apple Vision Pro, The Verge wrote:

The virtual reality experiences teased in Iger's Disney Plus showcase are exactly the kind of premium content Meta hasn't been able to get for its own Quest VR headsets, and its metaverse project isn't exactly looking very hot these days. That said, take Disney's "demonstration" with a pinch of salt — we have no way of knowing how accurately it will actually reflect on the Vision Pro's capabilities when it arrives sometime next year.

During Iger's appearance at the WWDC, he said more information would be shared in the months to follow. We reached out to Disney and will update this check if we receive a response.  

Another rumor about Vision Pro that circulated simultaneously held that a long line of customers were photographed standing in a queue to buy the product at a New York City Apple Store a year in advance. That rumor originated with a satirical tweet


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Izz Scott LaMagdeleine is a fact-checker for Snopes.

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