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Was Iggy Azalea Born Male?

Was Australian recording artist Iggy Azalea born male?

Published Dec 9, 2014

Claim:   Australian recording artist Iggy Izalea was born male.


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Was Iggy Azalea born male??


Origins:   On 24 November 2014, the Huzzlers web site published an article claiming Australian recording artist and model Iggy Azalea was born male:

Iggy Azalea has revealed that she, in fact, was not born a female. She was born a male named 'Cody'.

Iggy Azalea confessed the shocking news in an interview with an MTV reporter saying "I don't mind if the whole world finds, I can't hide it all my life". As a teenager however Iggy went on testosterone blockers and had her name changed and then, at age 18, underwent corrective surgery to get rid of her male genitalia.

According to Iggy, all of this happened just a few years prior to beginning her music career. According to MTV, that is all the details to Iggy's confession.


Huzzlers bills itself as an entertainment website that provides a "combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief." In this case, the "shocking news" is Iggy Azalea once gave an interview to MTV, and the "satirical entertainment" element is the false claim she was born male. As for the "state of disbelief," Huzzlers was likely referring to the sense of bewilderment readers experienced after realizing they had wasted a few minutes of their lives they'll never recover reading the aforementioned article.

Iggy Azalea never confessed to MTV that she was born male. Additionally, photos of the singer as a female child are readily available on the internet:

Last updated:   9 December 2014

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