The Real Truth about Breonna Taylor

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Memes claiming to expose the "truth" about Black people after they are killed by police are usually used to impugn their character, and have been a trope for decades.

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After Black people are killed by police, it’s common to see rumors claiming to expose the “truth” about the victims. Breonna Taylor was no exception.

After her death in May 2020, rumors and misinformation spread about her life and background, much of it focused on her background or some supposed “truth.” Questionable claims about her work history, relationships, and fake links to criminal activity were all used to impugn Taylor’s character spread among certain corners of the internet to rationalize her death.

This is a common trope that has been happening after police-involved shootings for decades. Snopes has researched several of these memes that attempt to smear their backgrounds, including George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Daunte Wright, Andrew Brown, Jr., and Michael Brown.

As we continue to research the truth about these “The Truth About” memes, we will update this collection. In the meantime, view these memes with a skeptical eye, and send them over to Snopes so our team can investigate.