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Of course you don't believe in ghosts. But maybe you'd better fact-check that one story just in case...

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Angels. Ghosts. Spirits. Things that go bump in the night! Enjoy these tales of things that cannot be explained, along with several that can.

coachman hearse
Room for One More Did a menacing dream about a creepy coachman save a woman's life?
Room for One More
Devil in the Dancehall A young girl dancing with a handsome stranger notices his cloven hooves.
Devil in the Dancehall
Carmen Winstead The ghost of a teen named Carmen Winstead supposedly strikes down those who don't repost...
Carmen Winstead
San Antonio Ghost Children Do the protective little ghosts of children killed at a railway crossing push stalled cars...
San Antonio Ghost Children
The Expressionless Ghost Did an 'expressionless' apparition in a blood-covered gown appear at Cedars-Sinai hospital in 1972?
The Expressionless Ghost
Black-Eyed Children Spooky tale of mysterious black-eyed children who show up at the homes of unsuspecting residents.
Black-Eyed Children
The Ghost Under the Bed A spooky photograph purportedly captures a dead woman who collects the souls of people who...
The Ghost Under the Bed
Ghostly Rescue Did the ghost of a woman killed in a car crash direct rescuers to her...
Ghostly Rescue
Restaurant Ghost Does a photograph of a Texas restaurant reveal the presence of a ghostly little girl?
Restaurant Ghost
Fallen Angel Do photographs show a real-life fallen angel that was captured after it dropped from the...
Fallen Angel