Love Stinks

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For some reason, the internet is not a big fan of romance.

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Here’s something interesting you may notice if you browse the Snopes fact check archive: Almost every rumor that gets sent our way about love is very specifically about romance gone wrong. It seems like people on the internet do not particularly care for love all that much, for some reason. As wedding singer Robbie Hart sang in the eponymous 1998 film, “Love Stinks!”

So for those of you who want to see jilted lovers, revenge, and drama on Valentine’s Day, this collection is for you.

P.S. Have a romantic legend that needs verification, or a revenge rumor that sounds too good to be true? Send your questions to Team Snopes.

lowe's and home depot storefronts
Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Did the jilted wife of the owner of Home Depot create the Lowe's chain of...
Lowe’s vs. Home Depot
long distance bill revenge
Long Distance Bill Revenge Woman gets revenge on former boyfriend by calling long-distance number and leaving his phone off...
Long Distance Bill Revenge
porsche revenge
The $50 Porsche Did a woman sell her partner's expensive new car for $50 after he ran off...
The $50 Porsche
Artistic representation of "a bitcoin"
Craigslist Gold Digger Woman advertises on Craigslist for a rich husband, receives advice about 'depreciating assets.'
Craigslist Gold Digger
Is January the Break-up Month? Divorce attorneys have long acknowledged January and February are among their most bountiful months for...
Is January the Break-up Month?