Do You Feel Lucky?

We all have superstitious traditions we can’t (or won’t) shake, but where did they come from?

9 Articles
  • Published 13 September 2019
9 Articles

You know the feeling. You walk under the ladder, ignoring the red alert going off in your head. You smile at the black cat slinking across the path and keep walking. You look your inner child in the eye and say, “I have nothing to fear.”

And then a tiny voice inside replies: Recklessness! What if it’s real?

So much energy has been spent sharing stories about good luck charms and legends of unintentionally invited bad omens, it’s hard to let it all go. Who wants to admit everyday actions cannot be recognized by some greater force? Who wants to say: I am alone?

Maybe that rabbit foot doesn’t bestow any super powers, but it does connect you to other storytellers and charm-wavers and scared little kids who came before. Maybe it’s reminding you none of us is alone.

Or maybe you’re just hedging your bets.

Couldn’t hurt.

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Long-Lost Wedding Ring Found Around Carrot

Lena Paahlsson said the ring had been gone for sixteen years before she found it in her garden.

Are Green Cars Unlucky?

To those of a superstitious bent, green cars seem far more prone than those of other hue to develop mysterious ailments and proclivities.

NASCAR Peanuts Superstition

Why are peanuts in the shell considered to be unlucky at auto racing events?

Lucky Kit Kat

Do Kit Kat chocolate bars bring luck to Japanese students during exams?

What’s Behind the ‘No Bananas on a Boat’ Superstition?

Bananas are deemed unlucky by recreational fishermen and those catering to that trade.