Another 'Clinton Body Bag'?

Featured on Snopes today: An old Clinton conspiracy theory rehashed, a controversial quote clings to disgraced NFL star Michael Vick, and a retro hairdo Marge Simpson would die for.

Published Dec 5, 2019

Just when you thought the conspiracy theories surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton couldn’t get any wilder, along comes an internet rumor linking them to the death of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein by way of a supposed Clinton crony in the federal penal system.

Specifically, the rumor holds that Epstein, who was an acquaintance of Bill Clinton’s, didn’t commit suicide in his prison cell as claimed by authorities, but rather was murdered at the Clintons’ behest as prison guards bribed by another Clinton acquaintance named Jeffrey David Cox looked the other way.’s Dan MacGuill provides a reality check.

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