A Meme Too Far

Featured on Snopes today: Was a photo showing U.S. troops cheering Trump's visit to Afghanistan staged? Is a free $75 "anniversary coupon" for Walmart on Facebook real? And more...

Published Dec 3, 2019

Not long after President Donald Trump paid an unannounced Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, social media users shared a meme purportedly showing a screenshot of a Fox News alert about the president’s surprise trip.

In the screenshot, a roomful of soldiers can be seen apparently cheering the arrival of the commander-in-chief. As the text of the meme points out, however, there is a large sign behind the soldiers reading “Universal Studios.”

Was it a “fake picture” staged by Fox News for “propaganda” purposes, as the meme alleges? Or could the screenshot itself have been faked?

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