Fact Check: Trump’s Handling of Veterans Charity Donations

Featured on Snopes today: Accusations that Donald Trump and members of his family "stole" funds intended for veterans' groups, and the lowdown on a phishing scam targeting Netflix users.

11 Articles
  • Published 16 November 2019
11 Articles

No sooner had the settlement of a lawsuit involving the Trump Foundation’s handling of charitable donations collected for veterans in 2016 been announced than left-leaning social media users started spreading the claim that Trump was fined by the court for “stealing” money intended for veterans.

Snopes.com’s Dan MacGuill reports that that was not, in fact, the case. Though the New York Supreme Court’s settlement order did award damages for misuse of the funds, it also plainly stated that the donations reached their intended beneficiaries (i.e., veterans’ groups) regardless.

Neither Trump, nor his children, nor his charity, were found to have kept or “stolen” any of the money.

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