‘Paralysis-Causing Snack’ Rumor Debunked

Featured on Snopes today: Mysterious "paralysis-causing" pills allegedly found in Turkish-made snack bars, and looking for the Stars and Stripes at a Democratic debate.

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  • Published 12 November 2019
11 Articles

A new viral video purports to show suspicious white “pills” found stuffed inside a commercially sold snack bar made in Turkey. According to various captions accompanying the footage, the pills are dangerous to consume, causing either paralysis or “cerebral palsy.”

In response to queries from concerned readers, Snopes.com’s Dan MacGuill took a closer look at the video and what is known about its origins. While it’s unclear what the objects were and how they ended up inside the bars, there’s no evidence to suggest that the adulteration occurred during manufacturing or that the product poses a general health threat.

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