Hard Truths About Columbus

Featured on Snopes today: Christopher Columbus and slavery, Google's definition of "parasite," and what Starbucks' CEO supposedly thinks of white people.

Published Oct 14, 2019

The facts of history are unforgiving and often stand in stark contrast to traditionally held beliefs about a nation’s past, its revered historical figures in particular.

Christopher Columbus, traditionally celebrated as a great European explorer who discovered the Americas, is one of those historical figures who can no longer be regarded in such glowing, simplistic terms.

Addressing questions raised by Snopes readers about allegations that Columbus procured and distributed women and children as sex slaves, reporter Dan MacGuill encountered some hard truths about the explorer’s brutal practices in the Caribbean.

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Christopher Columbus landing on the island of Guanahane (San Salvador) on October 12, 1492, chromolithograph from painting by Dioscoro Puebla, 1892
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starbucks rosalind brewer doesn't like white people
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Helen Howe dynamite girl
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