Did Joe Biden Confess to ‘Bribing’ Ukraine?

Featured on Snopes today: Joe Biden "confesses to bribery," Barnes & Noble markets Trump parody to kids, and the NFL fines player for "Man of God" headband.

Published Oct 9, 2019

Online political debates have a tendency to devolve into “whataboutism,” loosely defined as an attempt to deflect criticism by accusing your opponent of committing the same offense you have been accused of.

The tactic has lately been used by supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, who stands accused of pressuring Ukrainian officials to investigate Democratic primary candidate Joe Biden and thereby flip the focus back onto Biden himself.

They shared a C-SPAN video clip that allegedly shows Biden confessing to “bribing” Ukrainian officials to drop an investigation into a company Biden’s son was associated with. But as’s Bethania Palma reports, the video shows no such thing.

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