Life Without Parole … For Shoplifting?

Featured on Snopes today: A life sentence for stealing a jacket, paying for impeachment with Social Security, and heroin disguised as candy.

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  • Published 8 October 2019
10 Articles

The 10-year sentence received by white police officer Amber Guyger for shooting and killing a black man she said she mistook for an intruder prompted an online debate about the fairness of sentencing laws.

Some decried Guyger’s relatively lenient sentence compared to the one meted out to Timothy Jackson, an African American man found guilty of shoplifting a jacket worth $159 and consigned to life in prison without parole in 1996.

However, there was more to Jackson’s harsh sentencing than meets the eye,’s Dan MacGuill reports. As a repeat offender, Jackson ran afoul of Louisiana’s unforgiving mandatory minimum sentencing statutes, which the court was unable to override.

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Did a Man Receive a Life Sentence for Stealing a $159 Jacket?

The 10-year sentence received by Amber Guyger in 2019 prompted online debate about mandatory minimum sentencing and "habitual offender" laws.

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