Daily Debunker: Presidential Heights in the U.S. Election

Featured on Snopes today: Michael Bloomberg's height, Tucker Carlson on immigration, and Rush Limbaugh on the troops.

Published Feb 14, 2020

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A candidate’s height may seem unimportant compared to meaty policy issues in this year's U.S. presidential election. But that doesn’t stop the petty stuff from gaining traction on social media.

Case in point: President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg have been trading jabs on Twitter, with the president calling him "Mini Mike Bloomberg." The comments about Bloomberg's height even spawned an image that appears to show Trump standing significantly taller than the former NYC mayor.

While some may have shared the image because they thought it was funny, others believed it to be real. The truth centered on a bit of simple digital manipulation.

trump bloomberg height
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limbaugh welfare queens
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caning of charles sumner
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