Daily Debunker: How to Smear a Candidate in 5 Minutes or Less

Featured on Snopes today: Fake news clipping says Buttigieg arrested for animal cruelty, "orange face" photo of President Trump goes viral, and what Rush Limbaugh really said about nicotine addiction.

Published Feb 10, 2020

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Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg fell victim to a smear campaign over the weekend when what appeared to be a newspaper clipping tying him to acts of animal cruelty went viral on social media.

"A local teen, Peter Buttigieg, has been arrested on suspicion of the recent killings of 5 dogs," the clipping, dated Aug. 30, 1998, said. It was widely shared along with calls for an investigation of Buttigieg’s past.

But the clipping is fake,’s David Mikkelson reports. It was created using a popular, easy-to-use web application.

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