Have a Safe 2020!

Featured on Snopes today: A viral warning about date-altering scams in 2020, rumors related to the U.S. military strike in Iraq, and pranksters claim Minecraft is shutting down.

11 Articles
  • Published 3 January 2020
11 Articles

Welcome to 2020, a brand-new year, with new projects to begin and resolutions to keep.

It is also, if a certain viral warning is to be heeded, a fresh opportunity for scammers to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Did you know that if you abbreviate the year as “20” when dating a check or a contract (“1/1/20,” for example, instead of “1/1/2020”), it makes it easier for unscrupulous persons to fraudulently alter the date (e.g., from “1/1/20” to “1/1/2019”)?

It’s true. Skeptics may argue that where there’s a will (to defraud) there’s a way, regardless of whatever precautions you take, but another cliché would seem to apply equally well: Better safe than sorry.

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