The Coronavirus Collection: Conspiracy Theories

Snopes investigates conspiracy theories about the origins, discovery, and official responses to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

12 Articles
  • Published 13 March 2020
12 Articles

Various alternative theories have emerged to challenge the so-called “official narrative” recounting the emergence and discovery of the novel coronavirus, and how national governments have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read our fact checks of those claims below.

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The Origins and Scientific Failings of the COVID-19 ‘Bioweapon’ Conspiracy Theory

The coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 has deadly adaptations that make it perfect for infecting humans. But this is a testament to natural selection, not bioengineering.

Did a Chinese Intelligence Officer Reveal the ‘Truth About the Coronavirus Outbreak’?

A piece of horror fiction was a little too believable for some readers.

Does George Soros Own a Lab That ‘Developed’ COVID-19?

Somehow, some way, business magnate George Soros gets accused of being involved in almost every politically contentious event.

Was Charles Lieber Arrested for Selling the COVID-19 Coronavirus to China?

The arrest of a Harvard professor fueled conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease outbreak in 2020.

Mostly False
Does ‘Every Election Year’ Have a Coinciding Disease?

A conspiratorial meme about disease outbreaks got a number of key facts wrong.

Is the ‘Umbrella Corporation’ Logo Oddly Similar to a Wuhan Biotech Lab’s?

Some concern arose over apparent connections between the video game "Resident Evil" and a new coronavirus outbreak.

Is This Train Car Carrying ‘COVID-19’?

It's puzzling why more conspirators aren't caught when they operate so brazenly.

Was a Suitcase Full of Dead Birds from China Seized at Dulles Airport?

A relatively mundane incident went viral due in part to rising fears about an outbreak of a new coronavirus.

Is China Seeking Approval to Kill 20,000 Coronavirus Patients?

A disreputable website spread unfounded claims in the wake of a new coronavirus outbreak.

Do Sulfur Emissions from Wuhan, China, Point to Mass Cremation of Coronavirus Victims?

A data map that appeared in a popular Twitter thread did not show what some people claimed.

Were Ventilators Found ‘Stashed’ in a Warehouse in New York?

Social media posts painted a misleading picture about the plan for distributing ventilators amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Was a 5G Tower Torn Down in China To Stop COVID-19?

This video is real, but it has nothing to do with 5G or the coronavirus pandemic.