The Coronavirus Collection: Viral Videos

Viral videos on YouTube and other platforms purport to deliver reliable information about COVID-19, but do they? Snopes investigates.

16 Articles
  • Published 20 March 2020
16 Articles

Online videos can be a effective medium for disseminating important information, but they can also be used to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories. This collection features the viral videos about COVID-19 our readers have asked us to fact check.

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Does Video Show Guns, Violence in Aftermath of Coronavirus Outbreak in China?

Speculation does not equal evidence.

Are People Collapsing in the Street from Coronavirus?

A spokesperson for the World Health Organization said that fainting in this manner from coronavirus would be "atypical."

China’s Official Newspaper Mislabels Video Footage in Coronavirus Coverage

A People's Daily video claiming to show "full-front disinfection work" in Wuhan included footage taken at an airport in Taiwan.

Did Video Show Italian Army Trucks Transporting Coffins Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

A stark illustration of the tragic impact coronavirus had on parts of Italy in 2020.

Does This Video Show Mass Graves in Italy?

So far as we can tell, actress Tiffani Thiessen was not working for the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Coronavirus Spreading Faster Than SARS, Ebola, and Swine Flu?

A video clip supposedly showing the exponential spread of a new coronavirus misled some viewers.

Is Teens Coughing on Produce a ‘Disturbing Trend’ in the US?

A reported instance of "teens doing dumb things on social media" may be something less than a national craze.

Did Dolphins and Swans ‘Return’ to Italian Waterways Amid COVID-19 Lockdown?

A few wildlife sightings were excitedly shared across social media as a note of sunny news amid the bleak reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

Did an Orangutan Start Hand-Washing During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Sandra the orangutan loves to wash her hands. We should all be more like Sandra.

Did MSNBC Reporter Say ‘I Hope Coronavirus Kills People and Hurts Trump’s Reelection’?

This false rumor demonstrates how one subtle video edit can achieve a huge deception.

No, a Hair Dryer Won’t Stop Coronavirus

A viral video that claims breathing hot air from a hair dryer could cure COVID-19 demonstrates a basic and dangerous lack of understanding about science.

Did CBS News Use Footage from Italy for New York COVID-19 Report?

The news outlet acknowledged the error, but that wasn't the end of the story.

Was Fox News’ John Roberts Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19 as a Hoax?

A viral video captured an informal exchange between Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

Snopes Debunks ‘Plandemic’

One viral video has led to a tidal wave of misinformation.

‘Plandemic’: Was Judy Mikovits Arrested Without a Warrant and Jailed Without Charges?

The factually-challenged film “Plandemic” is a social media hit with groups such as anti-vaxxers and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Is This a PSA About Reopening the Economy?

Sometimes it is all too easy for us to consider deaths as a mere abstraction or statistic — as something that happens to other, faceless people.