The Coronavirus Collection: Trump and the Pandemic II

Snopes fact-checks rumors and memes about U.S. President Donald Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, cont.

26 Articles
  • Published 2 April 2020
26 Articles

U.S. President Donald Trump has been one of the most visible and outspoken public figures on the world stage since the coronavirus outbreak began. Snopes fact-checks rumors, quotes, and memes pertaining to Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic (cont.).

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Does Trump Benefit Financially by Promoting Hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 Treatment?

The U.S. president is invested in several mutual funds — some of which include very minor stakes in pharmaceutical companies.

Mostly False
Did Trump Golf, Hold Rallies After Learning About COVID-19 Threat?

After Sen. Mitch McConnell suggested the government's response to the initial coronavirus outbreak was in part distracted by the president's impeachment, rebuttal memes started flying.

Did the Trump Administration Send 18 Tons of PPE to China in Early 2020?

Critics have questioned the wisdom of exporting to China medical supplies that would soon be vitally needed in the U.S.

Trump Campaign Threatens TV Stations Over Coronavirus Ad

A cease-and-desist letter from the Trump-Pence campaign committee accuses stations of "airing a patently false, misleading, and deceptive advertisement."

Did Trump Suggest Stopping Public Officials’ Pay During Pandemic?

It appears something got lost in translation here.

Is This a Real Letter from Trump to US Sen. Chuck Schumer?

Some questioned whether an acrimonious letter from U.S. President Donald Trump to the senator from coronavirus-stricken New York was real.

Did Trump Say ‘I Don’t Care How Sick You Are … Get Out and Vote’?

It's getting easier to encounter old quotes out of context.

Does Ivanka Trump Hold a Trademark on Coffins in China?

In 2018, the United States' first daughter was awarded a variety of trademarks.

Did All Vegas Hotels Except Trump’s Donate Rooms for COVID-19 First Responders?

That would be a lot of hotels.

Will Trump’s Name Appear on COVID-19 Stimulus Checks?

While the unprecedented move could potentially delay these payments, U.S. Treasury officials insist the checks "are scheduled to go out on time and exactly as planned."

Did Trump Praise China for Its ‘Transparency’ on COVID-19?

The president's opinion of China's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has changed over time.

Is WWE’s Vince McMahon Advising Trump on the Economy?

The White House published a list of business leaders said to advise the president on reopening the U.S. economy. Apparently, one name stood out.

Did Trump Tweet in 2009 That He Would ‘Never Let Thousands of Americans Die From a Pandemic’?

Seems like there's a tweet for everything ... but that doesn't make it real.

Is Medicare Paying Hospitals $13K for Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19, $39K for Those on Ventilators?

Questions were raised on cable news about whether hospitals have financial incentives to diagnose patients with COVID-19.

Did Trump Say ‘Hundreds’ of Governors Are Calling Him Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

The USA has only 50 governors.

Did Trump Criticize Governors for Backing off Ebola Quarantines in 2014?

A very old tweet got new life during the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic.

Is Trump Admin Seizing COVID-19 Protective Equipment from States?

An urgent shortage persists of N95 masks and other supplies in U.S. medical facilities.

Mostly True
Is the White House Gift Shop Selling Coronavirus Commemorative Coins?

Sometimes names can be deceiving.

Mostly False
Did Trump Blame Obama for ‘Bad’ COVID-19 Tests?

It wasn't the first time the U.S. president suggested his predecessor was somehow responsible for difficulties his administration faced in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Did Trump Say COVID-19 Deaths Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone as Much as Himself?

During an ABC News interview, the president spoke about reopening the U.S. and what he'd say to those who lost loved ones to the coronavirus disease.

Did ‘Live and Let Die’ Play as Trump Toured Factory Without COVID-19 Mask?

According to the CDC, everyone should wear some sort of protection over their noses and mouths in public settings where it’s hard to keep distance between other people.

Did Trump Tweet ‘Some Oldies Will Have to Die’?

A routine review of content labeled satire.

Labeled Satire
Did Trump Tweet That Obama ‘Had 8 Years to Prepair the Next President for a Pandemic’?

A false Republican talking point was encapsulated in a fake tweet attributed to President Donald Trump.

Did Trump Say More COVID-19 Testing Makes the US Look Bad?

The president has been accused of forgetting the people behind the coronavirus case numbers.

Does This Photo Show Trump Wearing a Protective Mask?

The U.S. president went without a mask for much of his visit to a Ford manufacturing plant in Michigan in late spring 2020.

Did Trump Say He ‘Tested Very Positively’ for COVID-19, Meaning Negative?

Is the president trying to confuse us?

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