The Coronavirus Collection: Prevention and Treatments

Snopes investigates rumors and misinformation surrounding the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

12 Articles
  • Published 18 March 2020
12 Articles

Like many health concerns, the novel coronavirus outbreak in 2020 that has infected people around the world with COVID-19 has drawn its fair share of snake oil and bunk cures. Snopes investigates those claims here.

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Was This ‘Health Bulletin’ an Accurate Coronavirus Warning?

A viral social media post erroneously advised the public to "keep your throat moist" in order to avoid contracting the respiratory infection.

Will Sipping Water Every 15 Minutes Prevent a Coronavirus Infection?

This "serious excellent advice by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases" is not all that excellent.

No, Holding Your Breath is Not a ‘Simple Self-Check’ for Coronavirus

Take a deep breath and consult the CDC or WHO's latest guidance before following any coronavirus "advice" from random sources on social media.

Can a Homemade Tito’s Vodka Hand Sanitizer Help Stem Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus spread in 2020, a fierce outbreak of bad advice took hold online.

Can a Cattle Vaccine Be Used To Fight COVID-19?

The confusion seems to stem from the overuse of the word "coronavirus."

No, a Hair Dryer Won’t Stop Coronavirus

A viral video that claims breathing hot air from a hair dryer could cure COVID-19 demonstrates a basic and dangerous lack of understanding about science.

Will Gargling with Salt Water or Vinegar ‘Eliminate’ the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

What works for colds is unlikely to help an already-infected person stave off the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

Will Garlic Water Cure Coronavirus?

On the plus side, this "treatment" might help keep away others who could potentially infect you.

Will Lemons and Hot Water Cure or Prevent COVID-19?

As cures go, these ones are lemons.

Should COVID-19 Patients Avoid Taking Ibuprofen?

French medical advice warned that "adverse effects" of drugs such as ibuprofen had been reported in coronavirus patients.

Why Hand-Washing Really Is as Important as Doctors Say

Washing your hands decreases the number of microbes on your hands and helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

What Really Works to Keep Coronavirus Away?

Proper hand-washing is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from a number of diseases including COVID-19.