The 2020 Election Collection: Claims About Joe Biden

With more than 30 years in politics, the Democratic presidential nominee has been the subject of numerous hoaxes and rumors.

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  • Published 25 September 2020
38 Articles
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After decades as a U.S. senator and eight years as vice president, Joe Biden has been the subject of many rumors and disinformation campaigns, which went into overdrive during his 2020 presidential campaign. We’ve collected Snopes fact checks about Biden, his background, and his record here.

The Republican Senate Report on Hunter Biden, Explained

The allegations against Joe Biden's son are complicated, but the report is also flawed in important ways.

Did Biden Disparage Troops as ‘Stupid Bastards’?

An offhanded remark during a 2016 speech was "made in jest," according to the Biden campaign.

Mostly False
Did Biden Call Trump Supporters the ‘Dregs of Society’?

The Trump campaign seemed keen to recreate Hillary Clinton's infamous "deplorables" moment, but what did Biden actually say?

Did Biden Make This Statement About Democracy During a Pandemic?

"We can both have a democracy and elections and at the same time protect the public health," the Democratic presidential contender declared.

Correct Attribution
Biden ‘Secret Earpiece’ Rumor Sounds a Lot Like False Claims Made About Clinton in 2016

Snopes cannot predict the future, but we can recognize false claims we have debunked in the past.

Does This Photo Show Biden Kissing a 15-Year-Old Girl?

A photograph of Joe Biden kissing his granddaughter on the lips during an Iowa rally drew criticism from some viewers, while others evinced no problem with the affectionate gesture.

Did Joe Biden Ask a Reporter, ‘Are You a Junkie’?

The question was in response to a journalist's query about Biden's cognitive fitness for office.

Correct Attribution
Did Biden Call for an ‘End to Shareholder Capitalism’?

Fear-mongering Facebook memes misrepresented the position articulated by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in a speech in July 2020.

Mostly False
Did Biden Say Taxpayers Must Fund Health Care for ‘Illegal Immigrants’?

Another Biden quote was misrepresented by U.S. President Donald Trump and the internet.

Mostly False
Did Joe Biden Say He’s ‘Going to Beat Joe Biden’?

In political punditry, why go with a straightforward explanation when a nonsensical one will do?

Did Biden Promise ‘Fewer Fires, Floods, and Hurricanes’ If Elected?

In a September 2020 address, Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” and “climate denier.”

Did Joe Biden Say He Didn’t Want His Kids Growing Up in a ‘Racial Jungle’?

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate's history with busing has haunted him on the campaign trail.

Correct Attribution
Did Joe Biden Say 150 Million Americans Have Been Killed By Guns Since ’07?

For perspective, the United States has roughly 330 million residents.

Correct Attribution
Did Biden Say Poor Kids Are ‘Just as Talented as White Kids’?

An example of what candidates should avoid, especially if their record on race has already come under intense scrutiny.

Correct Attribution
Was Joe Biden Arrested in South Africa in the 1970s?

The former vice president has repeatedly claimed to have been arrested while attempting to visit the incarcerated Nelson Mandela. The facts show otherwise.

Did Biden’s Campaign Demand an American Flag Be Removed from a Library?

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign was the target of a common election season smear.

Has Biden Never Owned Stocks, Bonds, or a Savings Account?

First elected to office at age 29, Joe Biden had consistently been ranked one of the least wealthy senators before his eight years as vice president.

Did Redirect to Biden’s Official Campaign Website?

If it was a prank, it wouldn't be the first time the politician has been targeted in such a way.

Mostly True
Does Joe Biden Own an Island in the Caribbean?

Several details got distorted as this rumor spread online.

Did Biden Staffers Contribute to a Protester-Bailout Fund?

Following the arrests of anti-police-brutality protesters, a bailout assistance organization received more than $20 million in donations over four days.

No, Joe Biden Didn’t Introduce Man in Blackface at 1985 Fundraiser

A racially charged rumor involved an edited video featuring a Black singer.

Did Biden Say 120 Million People Had Died from COVID-19?

A gaffe took on new life in the hands of Republicans and right-wing media.

Mostly False
Did a Catholic Priest Refuse to Give Joe Biden Communion?

The Rev. Robert Morey sparked controversy in October 2019 when he said he had denied the eucharist to Biden because he "advocates for abortion."

Did Joe Biden’s Great-Grandfather Own Slaves?

Rumors began to circulate in June 2020 that the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate's great-grandfather owned slaves.

Does Joe Biden Support ‘Defunding’ Police?

U.S. President Donald Trump has made the claim about his political opponent on numerous occasions.

Is This a Photograph of Biden with Tara Reade?

Tara Reade, who worked as an assistant helping manage interns for Biden's Senate office in 1993, has made an allegation of sexual assault against the former vice president.

Did Mitt Romney Endorse Joe Biden?

A routine review of content labeled satire.

Labeled Satire
Does Biden Support the Green New Deal?

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden's position on climate change became a hot topic on the first night of the presidential debates in the fall of 2020.

Despite Deceptive Video, Biden Spoke About Violence Against Women, Not White Nationalism

A 19-second clip was shared widely in the first week of 2020. Its promoters said it unmasked Joe Biden as a white nationalist, but the reality was very different.

Court Filing: DNA Test Says Hunter Biden Fathered Child With Arkansas Woman

In October 2019, Biden denied being the father.

Did Joe Biden Lie About a Drunken Driver’s Killing His Wife?

A few weeks after Biden was first elected to the U.S. Senate, his wife and 1-year-old daughter were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping.

Is This ‘Biden Muslim Ad’ Real?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has appealed to several faith groups.

Mostly False
Did Biden Say Americans Could Stay Home During Pandemic Because ‘Some Black Woman’ Stocked Grocery Shelves?

A 10-second-clip from a 90-minute event was missing some context.

Correct Attribution
Was Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged from the Navy?

Many people are under the mistaken impression that military discharges come in one of two forms: honorable or dishonorable.

Did Biden Claim 6,114 Military COVID-19 Deaths When There Were 7?

During a September 2020 address, U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stumbled over figures related to COVID-19 military deaths.

No, Biden Didn’t Wear a ‘Wire’ or ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses During 1st Debate

Conspiracy theories about high-tech devices rocketed across social media after the first presidential debate of 2020.

Has Biden Failed to Condemn Antifa?

"The problem is on the Left. And Biden refuses to talk about it," President Trump claimed in September 2020. Was he right?

The 2020 Election Collection: Fact-Checking the Presidential Race

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