A photograph captured Joe Biden posing menacingly with an elderly woman and a gun. See Example( s )

Collected via e-mail, January 2017

So there is this picture online of Joe Biden putting a revolver in an old ladies mouth or on the other side of her heard to make it look like it's in her mouth. I am just wondering if it is real or if it was photoshopped. Biden is known for his crazy photos so who knows.




The above-reproduced image of Joe Biden seemingly posing menacingly with an elderly woman and a gun appeared in our inbox in January 2017, but versions of this same image have been circulated online since at least May 2012.

The image appears to depict former Biden at a crowded event, menacingly holding what looks like a gun with its barrel pointed into the mouth an elderly woman. However, the captioned image was just a digitally manipulated version of a rather mundane photograph showing Biden conversing with participants at a town hall event while he was on the campaign trail in Florida in 2008:

Sen. Joe Biden chats with Annalou Trebitz, 87, after a town hall meeting at Century Village in Deerfield Beach, Fla., on , Sept. 2, 2008.


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