Doreen Marchionni

Doreen Marchionni is a Pacific Northwest native with 20-plus years working in newsrooms in the Puget Sound, primarily as an editor/manager, including The Seattle Times. Coverage highlights include the Oklahoma City bombing and capture of the Green River killer. She holds a BA in communications (print journalism) from the University of Washington in Seattle, an MA in American Studies from Columbia University in NYC and a Ph.D. in journalism from University of Missouri in Columbia. Her research interests include credibility impacts of public participation in the news, among other forms of audience engagement, while her personal interests include crows, cooking Big Meat and 70s disco/funk. She holds dual citizen in the U.S. and Ireland thanks to her mama’s proud birthplace of Belfast. Doreen lives in Tacoma with her husband, Albert McMurry.

Person, Human, Finger
Glossary: Off the Record
  • 22 January 2022
This journalistic phrase is so common pretty much everyone uses it now.
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Glossary: Off the Record