Video Captures 'Liquid Cat' Squeezing Under Door

You just can't keep a good cat down, even when it comes to crawling under extremely narrow gaps.

Published June 22, 2021

 (TikTok @Stlrgrl871)
Image Via TikTok @Stlrgrl871

Many cat owners know that felines can squeeze through remarkably small spaces, but it's still amusing and surprising to see it happen live. TikTok user @Stlrgrl8717 captured a video of her pet doing just that in a popular video, documenting the action as, "Our cat, Holly, turns into a liquid cat and leaves the room underneath the door":

In the video, Holly presses her head into the space underneath the door, flips on her side, and pushes herself through to the other side using her back feet.

Here's a similar video of a cat undertaking the same maneuver, seen from the other side. "Mikko, who lives in Lombard, Illinois, likes to be with her owner at all times, so upon finding the door closed she decides to try and find a solution":

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