Woman Reports Finding ‘Dead Body’ Outline Under Carpet of New Home

What's worse than a dead body in your home? The possible remnants of a long-dead body in your home.

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One of the biggest fears (rational or not) of people moving into a home previously occupied by others is finding a dead body in the house. That’s what TikTok user @DontBeAnAshHole reported — sort of — in a June 10, 2021, video.

Over horror film background music, @DontBeAnAshHole showed that when she pulled up the carpeting of her new house, on the hardwood flooring beneath it she found the outline of a body — the type of outline associated with crime scenes involving deaths:


It’s cool. Everything is fine. 😅 #newhouse #creepy #diyhomedecor

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“I wasn’t bothered knowing someone died in my new house, but imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this,” @DontBeAnAshHole said, as she displayed the torn-up carpet with the body outline and stains visible beneath. Next to the outline was what looked to be a date and police case number written in black marker:

“Okay, but this is actually a little creepy,” she remarked.

Numerous commenters suggested that the body outline was a joke or a prank left behind by a previous resident, while one offered that @DontBeAnAshHole should pour hydrogen peroxide on the site of the stain because, “If it bubbles, it’s blood. If it is, you need to get that out of your house!”

In a subsequent video, @DontBeAnAshHole showed herself doing just that.

In the first half of the video, @DontBeAnAshHole sprays peroxide on the part of the floor that is not stained. “No bubbles, just wet,” she says. She then sprays the large “questionable” area, and a moment after the spraying, bubbles begin to form on the floor. “Uh oh, now what?” she questions:


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Finally, @DontBeAnAshHole took a look at what was in the crawl space under the house just beneath the stain, saying, “I’m not really sure how I feel about this”:


Since we’re all wondering… Maybe we should see what’s alllll the way underneath? 😳 #SendHelp #conjuringhorror #creepy

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“PLEASE I JUST WATCHED CONJURING 3. STAY OUT OF THERE,” one commenter jokingly advised.