Maple, the Viral Dog Who Loved Music, Has Died

Maple really loved listening to the acoustic guitar, and even contributed backup percussion too.

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Image via AcousticTrench/Instagram

For years, videos of a dog named Maple relaxing, enjoying, and even contributing to her owner’s musical performances went viral. She became known as the dog who loved music.

The musician, who goes by the moniker Acoustic Trench, was Maple’s owner for more than 12 years, according to his own account. He shared videos of her — a mixed breed rescue animal — enjoying his music, and even contributing by hitting a drum or cowbell. His Instagram account grew as a result of Maple’s popularity, reaching almost a million followers.

But in mid-June, 2021, Acoustic Trench posted on his account that Maple had died:

It is with a very heavy heart to write this, Maple passed away last night. Maple has been my best friend over these past 12+ years, from the first moment we met and she jumped into my arms we have been inseparable. The bond we shared is indescribable. She followed me everywhere and we did everything together. Music helped calm her down when she felt anxious or scared during thunderstorms, and I loved nothing more than to play for her every day. I feel so very lucky to have had her In my life, I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. Thank you for letting us share some of our moments together with you. I hope Maple has helped bring a smile or some comfort to you over the years, and I take solace in the fact that she will live on through these videos. I love you Maple.