‘Pre-Bunking’ Shows Promise in Fight Against Misinformation

In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, the researchers detail how short online videos that teach basic critical thinking skills can make people better able to resist misinformation.

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FILE - The Google logo is seen at the Vivatech show in Paris, France, June 15, 2022. Google and a team of university researchers have hit on what they say could be an effective way to make people more impervious to the harmful impact of online misinformation. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus, File)
Image via AP Photo/Thibault Camus

This article was republished here with permission from The Associated Press, however it is no longer available to read on Snopes.com.

Soon after the Russian invasion, the hoaxes began. Ukrainian refugees were taking jobs, committing crimes and abusing handouts. The misinformation spread rapidly online throughout Eastern Europe, sometimes pushed by Moscow in an effort to destabilize its neighbors. It’s the kind of swift spread of falsehood that has been blamed in many countries for increased polarization and an erosion of trust in democratic institutions, journalism and science. But countering or stopping misinformation has proven elusive. New…

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