Tennessee Parents, Teachers Push Back Against ‘Maus’ Removal

The book has moved to the center of a growing national debate about the teaching of disturbing history, including slavery as well as the Holocaust.

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James Cockrum speaks before the McMinn County School Board in a packed meeting room, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, in Athens, Tenn. The McMinn County School Board heard from concerned citizens about the removal of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, “Maus," from the district's curriculum at the meeting. (Robin Rudd/Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP)
Image via AP Photo/Robin Rudd

This article was republished here with permission from The Associated Press, however it is no longer available to read on Snopes.com.

ATHENS, Tenn. (AP) — Growing up in rural eastern Tennessee, James Cockrum hadn’t given much thought to the possibility that one day he might find himself speaking about his Jewish heritage in front of a packed school board meeting. But four days after news broke that the McMinn County school board unanimously voted to remove a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust from the district’s curriculum, Cockrum celebrated the birth of his daughter. That…

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