Shark Tourism Grows on Cape Cod, 3 Years After Attacks

A small but growing group of charter boat operators are offering great white shark tours in the region.

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Michael Simard, left, and Penny Antoglou point out as a great white shark swims past while on shark watch with Dragonfly Sportfishing charters off the Massachusetts' coast of Cape Cod, on Friday, Aug. 13, 2021. Cape Cod is slowly embracing its shark reputation, three summers after the popular vacation destination saw its first great white shark attacks in generations. A growing group of charter boat operators are offering shark tours to complement the region's whale and seal watching excursions. (AP Photo/Phil Marcelo)
Image via AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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There’s no ominous music, no telltale fin breaking the surface as the powerful silhouette of a great white shark glides alongside the small tour boat off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Michael Simard crouches low and points a finger in the direction of the roughly 10-foot (3-meter) predator cruising in the glassy water below. The 48-year-old construction foreman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, glances back at his partner, Penny Antonoglou, who dutifully pulls out her smartphone while he…

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