Woodland Hermit’s Cabin Fire Leads to State Investigation

David Lidstone, known locally as "River Dave," is known for his off-the-grid lifestyle that's made him a folk hero in northern New England.

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In this undated photo provided by Jodie Gedeon, David Lidstone, 81, smiles in the woods of Canterbury, N.H. Lidstone has lived in the woods along the Merrimack River for nearly three decades in a shack, growing his own food and cutting his firewood. He's now jailed after not complying with a court order to leave, and there's a growing petition to just let "River Dave" live out his days off the grid. (Jodie Gedeon via AP)
Image via AP Photo/Jodie Gedeon

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CANTERBURY, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office said Thursday it has opened an investigation into a fire that destroyed a small cabin where an off-the-grid hermit had lived for almost three decades. David Lidstone, 81, lived in the woods along the Merrimack River and was known by locals as “River Dave.” He was jailed on July 15 on a civil contempt sanction and was told he’d be released if he agreed…

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