Overcrowding, Abuse Seen at Mexico Migrant Detention Center

At one point there were more than 2,000 migrants in Siglo XXI, according to the National Human Rights Commission, over double its 960 capacity.

  • Published 17 June 2019

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — The 36-year-old Cuban mechanic’s eyes glazed over as he recalled his time at the Siglo XXI holding facility: 50 people sleeping in 9-by-12-foot pens, feces overflowing the latrines, food and water always scarce. Women slept in hallways or in the dining hall among rats, cockroaches and pigeon droppings, as children wailed, mothers reused diapers and guards treated everyone with contempt. “They threw us in there like little animals,” a Honduran woman… Read at AP News